Cross-Institutional Initiatives

Almost any kind of research can be done at Cornell!

There are colleges, there are schools and there are departments. In addition, there are institutes and centers that cross-college boundaries and can be great places to look for research opportunities.

The Einaudi Center

The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies catalyses and supports multidiscplinary and collaborative research that advance international studies in area studiesthematic studies, and development studies programs at Cornell, in order to contribute to our knowledge of the world. The vision of the Einaudi Center is to foster a truly international university at Cornell, in which international studies are completely integrated into the intellectual life of the university and all students and faculty benefit from active exposure to global affairs. The Einaudi Center provides teaching and outreach activities that conform to the highest academic standards and promote cross-cultural and cross-national understanding and tolerance.

The Einaudi Center is the home of information on applying for a Fulbright grant to study a problem from an international perspective. They offer informational sessions in the Spring semester.

Fulbright Informational Sessions