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Cornell Undergraduate Research Advisors

Need more information? Get in touch with undergraduate research advisors in the Cornell undergraduate colleges.

Undergraduate Colleges

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

College of Architecture, Art, And Planning

Office of Student Services

College of Arts and Sciences

Catherine Ramírez Foss, Deputy Director of Advising, Student Services

College of Engineering

Lisa Schneider-Bentley, Director, Engineering Learning Initiatives

School of Hotel Administration

Alex Susskind, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

College of Human Ecology

 Marianella Casasola, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Kevin Harris, Frank B. Miller Director, Student Services

Brooks School of public policy

Sharon Sassler, Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Kelly Musick, Professor, Associate Dean for Research

Other Resources

Most undergraduates do research in their major, but there are also opportunities to experience research in other majors and colleges.  Cornell has a number of programs that span several colleges.

Office of Undergraduate Biology

The OUB provides advising and resources for students majoring in biology in CALS and CAS.

Lora Gruber-Hine, Asst. Director of Advising

Division of Nutritional Sciences

  • TBD

Johnson ART Museum

Leah Sweet, Lynch Curatorial Coordinator for Academic Programs

Tatkon Center

Tatkon offers programs on undergraduate research every semester.

An upper-level undergraduate student staff

Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives

OADI is the home for a number of research programs- McNair Scholars, OADI Scholar and P3 programs.

Kristin Dade, Director

Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholars

CURA Contacts