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Cross-Institutional Initiatives

Almost any kind of research can be done at Cornell!

There are colleges, there are schools and there are departments. In addition, there are institutes and centers that cross-college boundaries and can be great places to look for research opportunities.

The Einaudi Center

The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies catalyses and supports multidisciplinary and collaborative research that advance international studies in area studiesthematic studies, and development studies programs at Cornell, in order to contribute to our knowledge of the world. The vision of the Einaudi Center is to foster a truly international university at Cornell, in which international studies are completely integrated into the intellectual life of the university and all students and faculty benefit from active exposure to global affairs. The Einaudi Center provides teaching and outreach activities that conform to the highest academic standards and promote cross-cultural and cross-national understanding and tolerance.

The Einaudi Center is the home of information on applying for a Fulbright grant to study a problem from an international perspective. They offer informational sessions in the Spring semester.


The Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability is the hub of collaborative sustainability research at Cornell University, forging vital connections among researchers, students, staff, and external partners. The center’s funding and programming accelerate groundbreaking research within and across all of Cornell’s colleges and schools. In turn, the center is the university’s home to bold ideas and powerful new models that ensure people and the planet not only survive, but thrive.

Cornell Atkinson provides you with the opportunity to connect with passionate experts and innovators, theorists and practitioners, business leaders and philanthropists. Join us in catalyzing extraordinary change.

Cornell Atkinson empowers undergraduate and graduate students to turn their energy, enthusiasm, and ideas into solutions with real-world impact. More than 250 graduate and undergraduate students have participated in our internship, grant, fellowship, and other programs to catalyze change, from crafting policy with the Environmental Defense Fund to investigating the effect of ocean acidification on New England fisheries.

At Cornell Atkinson, we understand that undergraduate students bring energy, creativity, experience, and a passion for real-world impact. To date, more than 70 undergraduates have contributed to Atkinson-sponsored sustainability research on issues from industrial methane emissions to a mysterious sea star disease outbreak in the Pacific Northwest.

Whatever your major, Cornell Atkinson has an opportunity for you to act on your passion for sustainability. Through Atkinson-sponsored research projects and internship programs, you can connect with faculty, fellows, alumni, and external partners to innovate in four key areas: increasing food security, reducing climate risk, accelerating energy transitions, and advancing health.

You may browse our faculty fellows database to identify potential faculty collaborators, explore sustainability-related courses, find a summer internship, and participate in Cornell Atkinson working groups helping to deliver large-scale, long-term sustainability solutions.

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